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    Can I leave my current contract early?

    You can leave your supplier within 42 days of the end of your contract without any exit fees. According to the energy regulator OFGEM, they are not allowed to charge you in this period.

    If you are classed as a micro business customer you won’t have to wait for a window to cancel your contract with your current energy supplier as long as you still have at least 30 days left on your contract. Generally, if your business is spending less than £1,000 every month on energy bills, then it’s highly likely that you qualify as a micro-business.

    If you are not classed as a micro business, you will have to wait until your switching ‘window’, which can vary from 120 to 60 days before the end of your contract. Look out for your renewal letter from your supplier and start to shop around straight away. If you miss that window you could automatically be tied into a more expensive contract.

    Read our 'Am I a micro business?' guide to find out if you can escape your contract early.

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